Q- How long will my order take to reach me? 

A- Oso Made products are made to order. Most orders are processed in 5-10 business days and shipped out first class or priority mail, depending on the item. 

Q- Can I request a custom order?

A- Custom orders can be accommodated on a case by case basis. Click on the "Contact us" link to send us an email. Please include details about what you are looking for. We will respond via email to let you know if we can accommodate your request. 

Q-How do I take care of my Oso Made products?

A- Please review the care instructions below.

Cleaning Instructions depend on the type of purse you have purchased. 

Purses & bags made with waxed canvas

DO NOT throw your waxed canvas bag into the washer or dryer.  This will damage the wax coating. If your bag demands cleaning, it is recommended that you use a brush to knock off any dirt. If needed you may use a biodegradable gentle soap for hand cleaning.  After cleaning let your bag air dry.  Use a blow dryer to warm the surface, by rubbing with your fingers you can remove any wear spots and redistribute the wax. 

Waxing Instructions

After a lot of use your waxed bag may get a little thirsty.  To test when you need to re-wax, sprinkle water over the surface. If the water is still beading after sitting for 5 minutes your wax is good to go.  If the water is absorbed into the fabric it is time to re-wax.  You can purchase a wax made for waxed canvas such as Otter Wax, or Kuhl Wax.. Follow the instructions on the wax product to refinish. Most products are applied as a bar or paste, heated with a blow dryer and worked with the fingers to distribute the wax evenly over the surface. 

All Fabric Bags 

Hand-wash with phosphate-free detergent & air dry; or machine wash cold on a gentle/delicate setting.

Drying Instructions

It is recommended that you line dry or air dry your cloth bag to minimize shrinkage and wrinkles. If machine drying, do so on the lowest temperature setting. It will come out of the dryer very wrinkly and dependent on the heat setting, some shrinkage may occur.

Ironing Instructions Once dry, hand shape then press with a steam iron on the cotton/linen (high heat) setting to smooth fabric.